Mission and Values

Our Role

In a world where 2 billion adults are still unbanked, Creditinfo has been at the forefront of removing borders to finance for more than 20 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide intelligent information and solutions for businesses and institutions to strengthen economic growth through effective decisioning and better financial inclusion.

Our Vision

To enrich people’s lives and improve business performances by converting data into actionable insights for responsible lending.

Our Values

NO NONSENSE  We find the essence in all that we do. The purpose is what matters and that we provide value in our services. We are self-motivated and energetic. We are approachable and easy to work with for our clients. That is how we get things done.

INNOVATION We lead transformation. We are ambitious in our work; we challenge ourselves and take initiative to find solutions and create value for our customers.

RESPECT Symbolizes all our work, both within Creditinfo and towards our customers. We provide high quality service and maintain a positive and diverse workplace. We work with integrity.


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