Why Creditinfo

We are pioneers who dare to go to new territories and win new markets, and we do it in our jeans. Sounds good? Come over and meet us.

We select people with intelligence, integrity and who have a passion for results. Employees of Creditinfo are talented, diverse and not only team mates but often friends too, dedicated to building a successful organisation and unique business environment. Do you consider yourself an innovator and want to work for a company that is leading the future of the credit industry?

We are the efficiency leaders in creating data, especially in the markets where there is none or few.  We provide intelligent information for individuals and companies to facilitate access to finance. We offer better value, because we are more agile, lean and solution focused. Whichever Creditinfo office you walk into you will find it quite multiculturally diverse.  We speak more than 60 languages throughout the group of companies.  English is used for group-wide communications.

Our strength lies in our know-how, experience and client focus. Using our knowledge and experience of working in 50+ countries, we help our clients to solve problems and untap potential. We allow them to see the one’s that cause them risk and help them better understand where the risk comes from. We help lower barriers to enable better access to finance, particularly in emerging markets.

Our staff can get the job done without extensive hand-holding, they are autonomous. Each person is capable of making decisions and driving the company forward. Everyone has their own tasks to take care of and so when you’ve been delegated a task to do, we trust you to execute it, on time, within budget and with the desired success and results.


Creditinfo Group - Höfðabakki 9, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland
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