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UI/UX Designer

Job position: Experienced Professional / Type of work: Marketing

DEADLINE for applications 23rd December 2020.

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania.


  • Map user experience journeys in the products in order to identify inefficiencies and improvement opportunities
  • Provide mockups and prototypes that can be shared and iterated with customers and colleagues in the requirements gathering and definition phase
  • Plan and conduct User Experience testing to spot improvement opportunities and ensure that products are intuitive
  • Support teams in product development
  • Ensure that all products have a similar look and feel
  • Assist Product Managers and Marketing with designing presentations, sales or any other materials, as needed
  • Be on top of new design trends and innovations within the field of interaction design



  • At least 2 years’ experience in designing web-based applications
  • A passion for User Experience and designing interfaces that effectively serve the needs of the user and the business
  • Experience with testing, usability labs, and rapid prototyping experience in agile environments
  • Experience with working with a wide variety of tools: Figma and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Relationship builder, collaborator, and initiative taker
  • A user-centric, creative and analytical mindset and approach
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Design, Marketing, Technology or a related field is an advantage
  • Fluent in English


For more info and to apply please contact Paulius Panižauskas, Head of Product Management

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