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Test leader

Job position: Senior Manager & Experienced Professionals, Team Leader / Supervisor / Junior Manager / Type of work: IT

The Role

Test leader responsibilities range from process and methodology proposal past mentoring and supervision to actual testing. He/she needs to understand business needs with good communication skills and a strong passion for the quality. He/she can choose different ways how to test the final delivered product and to find and report bugs and glitches. He/she will work closely with each team towards the achievement of company and client goals, ensuring smooth and efficient service availability is maintained, support is effectively provided, improvements are coordinated, and that client requirement is incorporated in the products. Working in a customer focused environment, he/she will be backed by individuals within Creditinfo that are supportive and collaborative. He/she will report directly to Head of delivery.


• Perform functional and non-functional testing of the client requirements, validate that the final product is meeting all the specified criteria and specifications.

• Improve current testing procedures, methods, processes, tools, systems and documentation to ensure maximum efficiency and quality of delivery.

• Mentor and motivate testers, propose trainings and help them to grow. Significantly contribute to their performance evaluations and provide feedback to the line management.

• Lead and organize regular meetings for tester´s community, coach testers and other team members in testing techniques.

• Be responsible for proper test documentation and reporting.

• Help to propagate the importance of testing including UAT testing during the entire delivery process.

• Participate in the deployments and validating the final release (may include overtime work from time to time).

• Travelling from time to time.

• No line management included.

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