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.NET Developer

Job position: Entry Level, Senior Manager & Experienced Professionals, Team Leader / Supervisor / Junior Manager / Type of work: IT

Are you looking for a challenging opportunity in .NET where you have…

  • long-term development of a product, that is used in many countries around globe
  • trust and responsibility to choose how best to solve a problem
  • a great team with deep programming and product knowledge

If your answer is yes to all points, at Creditinfo you will find what you are looking for. We are a self-grown company in Fintech, helping millions to access credit in developing countries.  Credit Bureau System (CBS) is a ground-breaking, easy to implement Credit Bureau Solution. It serves as a platform for information exchange within the banking and non-banking sectors and provides organizations with the ability to store and distribute information and intelligence.

By implementing our solutions, we are helping people around the world to access credit under fair and transparent conditions.

Our projects

  • Important projects mostly for Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Complex distributed system with strong backend, component UI and web API
  • A lot of data
  • hundreds of millions of subjects
  • hundreds of millions of contracts
  • hundreds of millions of transactions within a day
  • Billions of versions
  • Complex problematics of the business domain

We are now looking for an additional .NET developer to further empower our team, that will help us with the numerous challenges that are daily thrown at us.

Technical requirements

  • You definitely need to be familiar with .NET and C# in every area and namespace.
  • We are using MS SQL Server as the main data storage for the data and it’s necessary to know how the server is behaving in different scenarios. However, it’s not only the one storage that you can work with and if you know how other NoSQL databases are working and how to use them, it will be valuable.
  • We are also accommodating distributed oriented principles to be able to distribute the work to the different nodes and span several servers, for this reason, we are using messaging mechanism in different forms from RabbitMQ to Actor model represented by Akka.Net. So you should know about other techniques how to parallelize the work and how to use asynchronous access to the resources.
  • Our work is not only about backend systems, we have to present the data to the end users. Our clients are connected to the system through public API defined in line with SOA principles and using SOAP (WebAPI). To represent the data to humans, we are using modern browsers and creating SPA application with a framework like Angular/ReactJS.

We also need you to understand

  • algorithmic complexity
  • what is going on behind the scenes
  • coding culture: design patterns, clean code, emphasis on testing

Human skills

  • Be able to work independently is essential as well as being part of a team
  • Be able to learn fast anything that is needed or what you are missing
  • Communication – everything stands and falls with communication

What is awaiting you?

  • If you work hard, you will be rewarded
  • Backed by a growing company (80+ employees in Prague, 350+ worldwide)
  • A company that cares about the quality of its products
  • There could be more, but that is for you to find out!

If you are interested please write to Lenka Totkova, HR Manager for Creditinfo CEE and Creditinfo Group. or apply online. We look forward to hearing from you and if you are successful, to hopefully meeting you! Look forward to hearing from you and if you are successful, to hopefully meeting you!

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