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Commercial Director

Job position: Director, Senior Manager & Experienced Professionals / Type of work: Business Development

Reports: General Director CIV

Location: Abidjan – Ivory Coast

Job Description

A unique opportunity for an enthusiastic and brilliant individual to create, develop and manage the Creditinfo Volo Commercial function across the eight UMOA (WAMU) countries.

Offering a rewarding role in the customer service sector, this position gives you the responsibility of selling various products and add value to our customer service. This position gives you the opportunity to develop strong business relationships with our clients, inform yourself of customer needs, and guide them in using our products to meet their business goals and get a real return on investment.

The Employee is responsible for the daily operation, ICT infrastructure and direction of the company through efficient and effective coordination of resources and Business Development activities. They will be results and performance-oriented to ensure that the company and investor goals are met through prudent business processes. Additionally, they will support the CEO in performing its functions.

Responsibilities and duties: 

The Commercial Director will be responsible for developing the sales plan and executing it for Creditinfo Volo – BIC UMOA, the Regional Credit Information Bureau.

They will also be responsible for communicating with senior executives of large clients and prospects in the market. It is understood that they will be familiar with all the activities and processes of Creditinfo Volo.

The role of the Commercial Director is essentially to assist and coordinate the provision of our products and services and requires:

  • Managing large client accounts directly at the regional level.
  • Setting sales targets by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for countries; projected sales and profit volume for existing and new products.
  • Achieving the objectives and goals set for the area.
  • Establishing, maintaining and expanding the customer database.
  • Understanding and meeting the needs of existing customers.
  • Increasing business opportunities across our markets.
  • Setting targeted sales goals for individual representatives and the team as a whole according to the sales and business plan.
  • Determining annual gross or unit profit plans through the implementation of marketing strategies; trend analysis and results.
  • Recruiting and training sales staff for countries and assigning areas to sales representatives.
  • Developing sales strategies, setting goals and achieving national sales operational requirements through employee planning and assignment; following up results.
  • Controlling the performance of the sales team and motivating them to achieve the objectives.
  • Maintaining national sales staff through recruitment, selection, orientation, and training of employees; Disciplining employees, planning, monitoring and evaluating employment results.
  • Maintaining up-to-date professional and technical knowledge by participating in educational workshops; conducting reviews of professional publications; establishing personal networks; and actively participating in professional associations.
  • Having experience in developing and implementing sales plans for businesses, including the financial sector and/or the Utilities sector.
  • Strategic planning for the operational department. Set goals and objectives for the department that will be included in the overall strategic
  • Monitor department performance against performance goals to ensure progress is being made
  • Ensure full compliance relating to both External regulatory bodies and internal Board approved Policies & Procedures
  • Draft new, required Policies and Procedures for
  • Ensure full adherence to the Risk Management Policy and to the implementation of the Business Continuity Framework
  • Having the ability to multitask simultaneously under pressure.

Job requirements and qualifications:

The candidate for the position of the Commercial Director should have a Master’s degree in marketing, accounting or business administration, have an equivalent of 10 years of professional experience as head of a significant company or the department of one.

  • A passion for creating and cultivating outstanding results.
  • Resilience and perseverance
  • Ability to work independently and in a team.
  • A positive, energetic, independent attitude and a high degree of self-motivation.
  • Excellent communication skills and impeccable presentation.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an extroverted personality.
  • Excellent persuasive skills.
  • Experience in selling new innovative products and services to banks and financial institutions in the UMOA.
  • Experience/knowledge of the risks and benefits of credit.
  • Willingness to travel to the UMOA region and work out of the office.
  • Experience in a start-up and success in sales will be a significant advantage.
  • A high level of written and oral communication skills.
  • Must be fluent in French and English (Portuguese is an additional asset).

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Andrew Pickard – Talent Acquisition Director – Creditinfo Group

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