We’re human

It’s important to have a good balance between work, home, family, friends and doing the things you enjoy outside of work. To a large extent, how we are doing at the work can affect our general wellbeing. We spend a lot of time in work so if we are happy/not happy in what we do at the office, this can affects us at home. Reversely, if we have problems at home, it can be difficult to leave those problems at home and sometimes they become a distraction and make it more a challenge to perform at work. Adding to this, many of us often work at home, either on the computer or just in our heads where the two cannot be separated.

Your hours of work will be detailed in your Contract of Employment, however, from time to time, you may be asked to or choose to work some extra hours, at times when something big is going out of the door. However, if you are regularly working extended periods of overtime it could mean there’s a problem. This could be in the planning, communication, time management, work distribution or something else. So if you feel at any time, things are not as they should be, you just need to let us know. Any issues related to home will be kept confidential, but at least we can try to better support you during those times.

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