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As the saying goes, two heads are better than one! We have a lot of clever people in our company with lots of innovative ideas, along with a lot of people with many years experience from collectively working in 50+ countries. It is important to leverage that extensive breadth of knowledge and those first-hand experiences.

Apart from regular business meetings, we encourage staff from different sites and in different job functions to come together to share innovative ideas and best practice, discuss and share ideas, and generally catch up on what’s happening in the business globally. These inputs and feedback help shape our company strategy and ensure we achieve our company goals and vision. The more attuned to the latest thinking, the more likely you will be to seek out solutions that will benefit our organisation. We believe that it is important for all our staff to network and collaborate and not to work in silos. We are one team, Creditinfo.


Geek Club is a product development initiative for synergies amongst our international product development teams in terms of research, innovation and actual product development. Synergies, that result in cost-savings, more efficient use of know-how and potential.


Internally, we use @Workplace by facebook, a social intranet style platform where all employees share globally with everyone or with their chosen teams both fun stuff and company announcements. It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues in different countries.


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