What the interns think

Ines Rammeloo from Belgium

“As part of my study of International Entrepreneurship at Artevelde University College, I was obligated to do an internship to graduate. For my internship, I chose Creditinfo CEE to perform my 13-week internship. Creditinfo was on the first hand the perfect fit for me because it is a very international company where you can gain lots of experience. During my 13-week internship, I was supervised by Almar Hilmarsson. He helped me gain lots of experience during my internship period.  During these 13 weeks, I learned a lot regarding Credit Risk Management, Reports, Benchmarking and other different projects that the company was working on. Creditinfo CEE itself is a wonderful company to work for. You get the opportunity to work in an international company with lots of different cultures and a very open atmosphere where everyone helps everyone. You feel immediately welcome and are treated as one of their employees which gives you a very good feeling.  For me, Creditinfo CEE, was one of the greatest experiences that I got.”

Eugenie Pauwels from Belgium

As a Belgian International Business student, I was required to perform a 14 week internship to finish my studies. I chose Creditinfo so that I would have my first real working experience at an international company.   With Emma Camilleri as my supervisor in Malta, I have been working as ‘Marketing Assistant’ for Creditinfo Group. The past 14 weeks were interesting, very instructive and fun at the same time. I got in touch with a lot of new programs and challenges, which broadened my knowledge. Luckily, otherwise it wouldn’t have been a good internship!   When I started I barely knew anything about credit, reports, scoring, writing articles, video editing, etc. and now, I will go home with a luggage full of new things I got to know.  Emma gave me lots of responsibilities which made me really feel part of the Company and got me ready for the real working life that is coming up. I would like to thank her for giving me this opportunity and teaching me so much in such a short notice! In the end, I can say that it has been a real pleasure to work at Creditinfo Malta, great colleagues, good working environment and better weather than in Belgium!”

Irene Makkoula from Greece

My traineeship experience at Creditinfo was a positive and life changing experience. I gained new skills which improved my self-confidence, the ability to make decisions and feel comfortable in a foreign country. Creditinfo had a positive effect on finding interest on my future career. This internship was an openness to and curiosity about new challenges in my life. It made myself to have greater tolerance for my personal values and professional responsibility.

Georgia Leonidou from Greece

I was very lucky working at Creditinfo, I learned a lot throughout my internship. Since the first day I felt a part of their team and they were very friendly and hospitable to me. They guided me all the time and they always were willing to help me in everything I needed. It was a very interesting experience that I will never forget. Thank you for everything you offered me during this 3 months.

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