Creditinfo regularly opens its doors to welcome international students who wish to carry out a work placement with one of our companies. We believe in investing in the future of the industry by hosting and training students of various disciplines to help them with their career ambitions and to complete their studies.

We offer work placements to talented students and graduates to work in our businesses on a full or part-time basis. Placements are generally for a minimum of 1 month, but often for longer periods of time depending on the student’s needs. Many of our students are funded by such schemes as ERASMUS / Leonardo da Vinci or through their place of study. We share our knowledge and experience with them to prepare them for their future employment.  Our interns are able to apply and develop existing knowledge and also gain new work-oriented skills.  We help them to build their confidence by giving them a suitable degree of responsibility and autonomy.

In some cases, we have even hired our interns in full or part-time roles. Creditinfo is also registered and approved by a number of colleges and universities worldwide to host students for work placements.

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