The International Bureau of Credit Histories (IBCH) has a fast-growing database of 11 million records, the most diversified in retail in Ukraine. The database contains both positive and negative data, individuals and companies. The company has 90 customers that include the biggest players in Ukrainian retail, Ukrsibbank (BNP Paribas Group), Alfa bank, Renaissance, Russian Standard, Ideabank, OTP and VTB. Delta bank, Ukraine’s leading retail bank, is the company’s exclusive data provider. The company offers the largest product line for retail risk-management in Ukraine – 20 products that cover the whole credit circle from application to collection – including bureau score, application score, monitoring and anti-fraud solutions. The company also offers risk-management consulting services and unique analytical products such as benchmarking.

IBCH Ukraine

FCB Ukraine

The First Credit Bureau of Ukraine (FCBU) is located in Kiev. The Bureau has 11 employees and is offering positive and negative consumer and company data. Its main services and products include: Credit Reports, Monitoring of Borrower’s Solvency, Credit Application Processing Systems, Information for Insurance Markets, Analysis of the Credit Portfolio, Check of Passports at the Ministry of Internal Affairs Database of lost Passports, Credit Bureau Connector as well as other services related to credit histories. FCBU Ukraine serves around 80 customers from banks and financial companies which includes 14 of the major banks according to the classification of the NBU.

FCB Ukraine

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