This is the first licensed and operational credit reference bureau in Tanzania. It received its operational license from the Bank of Tanzania in June 2013.  Shareholders of Creditinfo Tanzania are a local Tanzania company, Hyprop Holdings Limited, and Creditinfo International. Creditinfo Tanzania’s core business is information in relation to credit, offering services to cover each stage of the customer life cycle. Their services help banks and other credit providers to evaluate prospective customers, monitor performance of existing ones and manage the debts that they may have incurred. We collect data from as many sources as possible, transform it into intelligence and make it available to subscribers who have a rightful reason to use it for business decisions. They provide these services in accordance with the relevant legal framework provided by the Bank of Tanzania. Creditinfo Tanzania also offer services to assist banks provide quality data to the Bank of Tanzania’s Credit Reference Databank; automation of the capture and decisioning of new credit applications, development of bespoke scorecards and credit risk management consultancy.

Creditinfo Tanzania

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