August 2017 sees the opening of our new office in Barcelona. Our Senior Directors made the decision to open a secondary HQ in Western Europe. The role of Group HQ is firstly, an administrative role, concerned with monitoring and controlling the activities of the operational units worldwide. Secondly, it has a business development role and is generally concerned with the creation of additional sources of value i.e. new territories, new products and services, creating advocates & supporters. While the administrative role is mostly internally focused, the entrepreneurial role is externally focused. The legal domicile of Creditinfo Group is registered in Iceland. It is not essential to have the HQ co-located within the same country as the legal domicile as many companies these days are increasingly separating these, generally for financial reasons. We opened the office in Spain for many reasons other than financial; a further footprint in Europe, easier and faster travel to meet our HQ team or for them to visit our offices and clients; and just because we wanted to!

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