Located in Mosta, it was the Group’s first venture outside Iceland in 2002. The company has 15 employees. The main products and services include the provision of Credit Status Reports through TAF Reports, Company Profiles and Company Reports, which includes 3 years of Annual Financial Statements as well as their top of the range product Credit Reports. Creditinfo Malta launched the first and only score card available in Malta. They have also relaunched their local reports so that they are accessible and easy to understand to the whole market place not just for finance organisations. In the last two years, their product range has increased, ranging from prospect lists to packages designed for the SME market covering all aspects needed for risk management. At the top end, they provide bespoke reports which are developed to help organisations target specific sectors. The information database which Creditinfo Malta utilises to produce scorecards and reports is also significantly increasing in order to provide more detailed information to their clients. These reports are supported by the most comprehensive debtor’s database on island which has been built up over the eleven year period and is updated daily.

Creditinfo Malta

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