Creditinfo Kenya’s core business is information related to credit, offering services to cover each stage of the customer life cycle. Our services help banks and other credit providers to evaluate prospective customers, monitor performance of existing ones and manage the debts that they may have incurred. We collect data from as many sources as possible, transform it into intelligence and make it available to subscribers. We provide these services in accordance with the relevant legal framework provided by the Central Bank of Kenya. Creditinfo Kenya also offer services to assist banks in providing quality data to the Credit Reference Bureau; automation of the capture and decision process for new credit applications, development of bespoke scorecards and credit risk management consulting.

Creditinfo Kenya

Alternative Circle

In March 2017, an agreement was signed between Creditinfo Group and Alternative Circle, a Nairobi-based mobile financial solutions innovator, to facilitate financial inclusion in Africa. Seed capital, as well as extensive Creditinfo expertise in classic and alternative credit risk management, will empower Alternative Circle to enable access to consumer data that was unavailable before, therefore lowering barriers to a wider population to get access to finance.

Alternative Circle

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