Previously part of the Visual DNA group, Coremetrix joined the Credtinfo family early in 2016.  Their mission is making credit accessible for people regardless of age, gender, location or credit history.  Traditional lenders and insurers have often dismissed people with little or no credit history, due to their lack of a solid credit rating, leaving many consumers with either poor or no credit options. Enamoured with a strong belief in financial inclusion and innovation, the team at Coremetrix is disrupting the risk decisioning landscape by ushering in a new era of risk assessment which can help provide access to financial services in a way that is fair to consumers. Coremetrix provide an inclusive product suite for assessing consumer risk worldwide and have created a new standard of risk decisioning using psychology combined with image based technology to reveal attitudes, values, actions and behaviours that make us unique human beings. This expertise allows us to capture consumer personality traits and map these to product performance data using cutting edge modeling techniques. By combining new and traditional data, we transform information into robust statistical models for risk prediction and propensity modeling.

Coremetrix UK

Creditinfo Group - Höfðabakki 9, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland
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