The signage of contracts for data sharing between the Credit Bureau (BIC) of West Africa Monetary Union (WAMU), Creditinfo Volo and 26 Benin institutions, amongst which 15 banks and 11 other large microfinance institutions, represents a very important step in concluding legal proceedings to build a strong financial ecosystem in West Africa. Benin is the final country from the 8 members of the WAMU to enable such information sharing and therefore will contribute in strengthening and increasing the efficiency of credit management in the whole region.

This strategic step was supported by BCEAO National Direction for Benin and involved the presence of the Professional Associations of Banks and Financial Institutions (ABPEF) as well as microfinance institutions (APSFD-Consortium Alafia). The official ceremony was led by Mr. Servais ADJOVI, Chief Officer, representing the Minister of Economy and Finances of Benin, in the presence of Mr. Alain KOMACLO, BCEAO National Director for Benin. The Professional Associations were represented by Mr. Faustin AMOUSSOU, Vice President  of APBEF-Benin, Mr. Emmanuel GAHOU, President of the Consortium ALAFIA. Creditinfo Volo was represented by Managing Director, Mr. Adamou SAMBARE.


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