Are you a wannabe Rick Blaine or Ilsa Lund’s? With our office located in Casablanca, you can see what happens when you say “Play it, Sam!” whilst sharing a cup of green tea with mint and sugar with the Creditinfo Maroc team. They’ve never heard that one before!



As well as working with the Central Bank, we are sometimes able to take a few hours off too. So why not get on a ferry in Dar es Salaam, it takes just two hours to Zanzibar. Or fly to Kilimanjaro, just one hour travel. Ngoro Ngoro safari? No problem, paradise is just around the corner.



Great people, splendid cuisine, and some of the best wines in the whole world. This is Georgia, and notably Tbilisi, and we are crazy in love with it. Thanks to our business partners and colleagues, we always feel welcome there.



When people think of the sovereign state, Kenya, in East Africa, they often think of its wildlife, unrivalled in any other country. So if you want to see the ‘Big 5’, make sure you pick the right season to visit. Kenya only has 2 seasons, one rainy and one dry!



The origin of our company and home to our founder, Reynir. From elves and trolls to glaciers and volcanoes, Iceland is an incredibly cool country. Also home to one of the oldest democracies, est. 930AD, where you can also see 2 of the earth’s tectonic plates meeting above the earth’s surface.



The home of Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. Also, of Ian Fleming, who built his dream home here and named it Goldeneye! He wrote 10 of his world renowned James Bond spy thrillers here.  And don’t forget the world famous Winter Olympic bobsled team who were showcased in the movie Cool Runnings.



The first country we opened an office in after Iceland was the archipelago islands of Malta. It boasts temples dating back to 5000BC. Due to its unspoilt nature, quiet coastline, ancient artefacts and relative obscurity, Malta has been used as a film-location for many productions, such as Gladiator, Troy, Popeye, Game of Thrones and many more.



Here you will find our Solutions office, which is the home to a 1/5th of our Creditinfo global team. Czechia as it is now known, has over 2,000 castles today, making it the country with the highest density of castles in the world. Prague castle is also the largest castle in the world by area at over 7 hectares (18 acres).

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